Bible Reading Plans

Please consider joining the pastor and elders of Mercy Church in immersing your heart and mind in the Scriptures by reading through the entire Bible.

Different than focused study of a small portion of Scripture, the daily reading of larger passages opens up broader themes and reveals the unity and coherence of the narrative and of the character of our God.

Key principles to keep in mind as you pursue this:

  • This is a useful tool for knowing God better, but not a source of righteousness, which is found in Christ alone.
  • Pray for the Spirit’s help to bring understanding, growth and perseverance.
  • Find a translation that is readable.  Suggestions include the original NIV or the ESV.
  • Mix this discipline with a measure of grace.  Life happens and schedules get compromised.  Stick with it, even if it takes you a year and a half.  The spiritual benefits will still apply!

The simplest method to accomplish this is to read 4 chapters a day straight through the entire Bible. For a wide variety of other approaches to this daily spiritual discipline, see this very useful resource of ESV reading plans, including options to subscribe by email or RSS feed, or adding daily reading references to your calendar.