Life Groups

When our covenant God calls us to Himself, He also calls us into covenant community. Sunday morning corporate worship is one manifestation of that.  But beyond Sunday morning, we long to be in community with each other.  That’s where Life Groups, the small group ministry of Mercy Church, come in.  Life-on-life, sharing joys, challenges, successes and failures.  All as we seek to orient our lives and our families more towards the image of Christ.  Please join us.

Summer Life Groups

Summer Life Groups are underway. This is where our community life takes place, so please plan to join in as you are able!

Sunday evenings at 6 pm at the Riedels' home.

Men’s Group is on hiatus for the summer.  Please look to join us once again in the fall.

Women’s Group has finished Gentle and Lowly, but will continue to meet intermittently through the summer for prayer and fellowship.