Why Don’t You Baptize Your Babies?

Text: Acts 2:36-39, Acts 16:13-15, Genesis 17: 7, 9, 11, 14
Pastor Curt Stapleton

We look to the inerrant Word of God to inform what we do, along with how the Church through the ages has understood and applied it. That’s how we arrive at the understanding of the covenant nature of infant baptism, applied to covenant children of believing families as a sign and seal of that same covenant.

Our God

Text: Romans 16:21-27
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As we come to the conclusion of our study of the book of Romans, we see a number of additional personal greetings, a good reminder that Paul was not in ministry alone. Today we, too, carry out the work of ministry together. The letter closes with a great doxology which is a summary of the gospel and a call to worship our great God.

Our True Confidence in Christ and the Church’s Confession of Faith

Text: Romans 16:17-20
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As we live in a fallen world, we can expect to encounter divisions and obstacles in the Church. By knowing the Scriptures and applying them, we can be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Our confession and confidence, like that of Peter, is that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

How We Love Christ’s Church and How He is Advancing It

Text: Romans 16:1-16
Pastor Curt Stapleton

It might be tempting to skip over a passage like today’s text that contains a long list of names. But if we did, we would miss out on the richness of how big the Church is, of all the individual people who have made an impact, and on the great truth that God is advancing the Church through large groups of people.

Christ’s Connected Church

Text: Romans 15:22-33
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As Christians, we’re not designed to be lone rangers because, in Christ, we have the grounds for fellowship with all other believers. Today’s text reveals Paul’s affection and longing for fellowship with other believers, his sense of shared blessings and obligations and his striving together with them in prayer.

Christ, Our Only True Hope

Text: Romans 15:8-21
Pastor Curt Stapleton

We can observe a lot of hopelessness in the world around us, often rooted in misplaced hope which is a form of idolatry. Yet “hope” in one word captures much of what the gospel is about. Today’s text shows us Christ held up as the exemplar of service and the ground for our hope.

One Voice of Worship

Text: Romans 15:1-7
Pastor Curt Stapleton

During the past year, we’ve had many voices clamoring for our attention on many fronts, from pandemics to politics. Yet from today’s text, following the model of Christ himself, the church is called to harmony as the God of endurance and encouragement grants us his grace.

God’s Zeal and Perseverance for Us

Text: Romans 14
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Today’s text gives us practical instruction for living in relationship with one another. While there are bedrock Biblical principles we must all cling to, there are many more disputable matters in which believers may hold different opinions without sinning. Remembering that the Church is primarily Christ-centered, may we always try to move toward people, even when it’s difficult or messy.

The Love of Christ Through You!

Text: Romans 13:8-14
Pastor Curt Stapleton

We know that, since Genesis 3, there has been enmity between Satan and Christ and His kingdom. Today we are instructed that we, the Church, are called to go beyond mere keeping of the Law to lives of active love of our neighbor. By means of Gospel transformation, we are exhorted to take off sin and put on Christ in order to walk in light and be the best possible lovers of our neighbors.

Submission to Government

Text: Romans 13:1-7, Genesis 9:5-7
Pastor Curt Stapleton

In spite of the current events of the past week, God’s word is timeless. Recall that when the Apostle Paul wrote Romans, he was a Roman citizen living under the cruel reign of Emperor Nero. Nonetheless, our mandate as Christians is to obey and submit to the lawful requirements of the civil magistrate, to understand that God sovereignly appoints our government and to trust that God’s eternal purposes will end in His perfect justice and rule.