September 30, 2018

Sent, Yet Separate

Text: John 17:1-19
Rev. Paul Karlberg

In this final gathering of Jesus with his disciples before his passion, He wrestles with His Father in prayer on their behalf and, by extension, on ours. Note that He does not ask for us to be taken out of the world but rather be sent into it, while at the same time being kept separate from evil in the world.

September 23, 2018

The Sovereign Savior

Text: Jonah 4:1-11
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Do you notice how God does not give up on Jonah? As it’s been said, “God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick.” When difficult things happen in our lives, remember that they’re no surprise to our sovereign Lord, and He’s at work teaching us something.

September 16, 2018 – Missions Conference, evening service

The Power of Missions

Text: Mark 5:1-20
Rev. Keith Powlison

The power of missions starts before Genesis, is part of a much bigger story, and we are along for the ride!

September 16, 2018 – Missions Conference, morning service

The Fear in Missions

Text: Mark 4:35-41
Dr. Rod Mays

We all have fearful moments, when something or someone is controlling us. We may fear humiliation, rejection or hurt. But we need not fear because Jesus is in the boat with us!

September 15, 2018 – Missions Conference

The Compassion for Missions

Text: Mark 1:40-45
Dr. Rod Mays

As we consider missions, we must ask ourselves “Do we love people?” From Mark 1, we see “The Compassion for Missions”

September 9, 2018

God is Sovereign and He Saves

Text: Jonah 4:1-4
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Once again, the gospel is clearly proclaimed in today’s passage as we hear that God is gracious and merciful, full of steadfast love, and does not take delight in the death of the wicked. May we be encouraged to see from Jonah and all throughout the Scriptures how God accomplishes His sovereign purposes by means of sinful people, like Jonah, and like you and me.

September 2, 2018

Believing & Receiving God

Text: Jonah 3:5-10
Pastor Curt Stapleton

In the time of Jonah, as is still true today, God’s relentless grace toward wicked people produces repentance and faith, a benefit to us that comes at Christ’s expense.

August 26, 2018

Turning to God

Text: Jonah 3:1-4
Pastor Curt Stapleton

We can’t grow in grace without a posture of ongoing repentance. As Jonah is redeemed and recommissioned as a prophet to speak for God, we see that God’s word is still true, even when delivered via a broken, sinful mouthpiece. What’s more, there is great mercy and grace in Jonah’s message of God’s coming judgment.

August 19, 2018

Salvation Belongs to the Lord!

Text: Jonah 2
Pastor Curt Stapleton

During the Reformation, Luther recovered the true meaning of repentance, from “doing penance” to “making a 180 degree turn”. As Jonah turns back to God in repentance, he knows to look upon the holy temple for salvation from the sovereign God who pursued him.

August 12, 2018

God’s Great Purposes

Text: Jonah 1:17
Pastor Curt Stapleton

God’s sovereignty shines all though the book Jonah, as we see how He repeatedly “appointed” events in the text. Just as Jonah’s salvation was about more than himself (as he was saved for the people of Ninevah), so too our salvation is bigger than ourselves.