Resurrection. Now What?

Text: Colossians 3:1-4
Rev. Mark Robinson

People hold various views on the historical reality of the Resurrection. For those who are in Christ, united with him, we are called to personal participation in his death and resurrection along with all of the benefits that ensue. In light of Easter, we are called to set our affections on things above and publicly proclaim the reign of our Savior who is already seated at the right hand of the Father to establish his eternal and universal kingdom, whether by mercy or by might.

The Steadfast Love of God

Text: Psalm 90
Mr. Brian Shirak

In this oldest of the Psalms, a Psalm of Moses, we are reminded of the transient nature of human life shown in stark relief against the eternal, steadfast love of God. May we seek wisdom by putting away everything else that competes for our affection and be deeply satisfied with making our dwelling place the only thing that will last forever, the hesed, steadfast love of God.

Faith Full of Assurance

Text: Habakkuk 3:1-15
RE John Tittle

In the midst of the ongoing trials and confusion that are an inevitable part of life, what should be our proper approach to God? Today the prophet instructs us that as we shift our perspective off of the confusion and onto God, our attitude will be transformed from confusion into humility and reverence. May we seek to become radically God-centered as that will enable us to live a life of steadfast faith.

Baptism of the Beloved Son

Text: Luke 3:1-3, 15-22
Dr. Peter Green

One of the deepest longings of the human heart is an answer to the question, “Am I loved?” In today’s text concerning the baptism of Jesus, we see God tear open the fabric of heaven to proclaim his love for his Son. Even more astonishing is the realization that, as Jesus identifies with us by his baptism, in our own baptism we are united to Christ. That means that what is true of Jesus is true of us, and we are marked as belonging to God and being loved by him.

Nothing Better Than This!

Text: John 17:20-26
Pastor Paul Karlberg

In today’s text we get to listen in on Jesus’ prayer for his disciples in the upper room just prior to his crucifixion. We hear his heart for unity despite the diversity of the earthly church, even as we look forward to the greater unity we will enjoy in heaven. The source for this unity is Christ himself as our union with him unites us to one another.

The Love of Jesus Should Stir Us to Action

Text: Mark 2:1-12
Mr. Brian Shirak

Titus 3 teaches us that the truth of Jesus’ eternal love for us (the indicative) compels us to action and excellent works (the imperative). In today’s text from Mark 2, as we put ourselves in the shoes of the paralytic and his friends, we understand that the most excellent work we can do — the only thing that will last forever — is to bring people to the feet of Jesus.

Faith Finds a Solution: Living by Faith

Text: Habakkuk 2:2-20
RE John Tittle

Continuing in Habakkuk today, we are reminded of the core biblical truth that was recaptured in the Reformation: the righteous shall live by faith. And yet, while being justified by grace through faith is essential to our salvation, living by faith continues to be important to our growth in sanctification as we seek to walk in obedience. May we return regularly to the means of grace to be reminded of our ongoing need to preach the gospel to ourselves.

A Song of Salvation

Text: Luke 1:67-79
Rev. Peter Green

In his Son, God has visited us, meaning that he has shown up in history and in power to accomplish his purposes.  He is faithful to fulfill all his promises as he continues working in the world to empower his children to be free from the stranglehold of besetting sin and to live lives full of faithfulness through Jesus, the horn of salvation.

Absurdity Under the Sun

Text: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
Mr. Bryce Souvé

All of us who share this temporal existence “under the sun” recognize that life in this fallen world is not as it ought to be. The meaningless toil of this life, of nature and of man are not able to provide us with purpose. It is only through resting in the finished work — toil — of Christ our Savior in our redemption that we can see beyond the absurdity of this world and find hope for the new life to come in eternity.

Nothing is Beyond You, O Lord!

Text: Psalm 139
Mr. Brian Shirak

As we slow down to meditate upon and internalize the wonderful truths of today’s text, we encounter the boundless love of our boundless and sovereign God, who truly knows us through and through, and yet truly loves us and desires to be in fellowship with us. The only appropriate response is to bow in worship and submit our lives to him.