Faith Alone – is Never Alone!

Text: James 2:14-26
Pastor Curt Stapleton

The topic of the relative roles of faith and of works in the life of the Christian has been controversial in the history of the church. Today’s passage from James clearly illustrates how our standing before God depends solely upon faith in Christ, and yet such a saving faith must inevitably express itself in good deeds. This passage is useful as a call to self-evaluation as we take inventory of how our professed faith is being made manifest.

A Song of History

Text: Psalm 105
Dr. Peter Green

Today’s psalm is a song of praise for God’s goodness to his people in protecting, providing for and keeping his promises to them. Besides moving us to worship him, it is good for us to consider how we remember and recount God’s history of covenant faithfulness in our own lives.

Hearing & Doing God’s Word

Text: James 1:19-2:13
Pastor Curt Stapleton

There are two types of sin: sins of commission and sins of omission, and James addresses both. God’s perfect law grants us great freedom to truly enjoy him and thereby glorify him, moving us to serve others and to fulfill the call to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Facing Your Trials

Text: James 1:12-21
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As we continue our study of James, we are reminded that God tempts no one, although he does allow trials to come into our lives for the greater purpose of deepening our faith. We see how sin arises from our own desires and hear James’ clear call of the gospel, to repent of our sins and believe the word of God.

James: “Brothers and Sisters…”

Text: James 1:1-12
Pastor Curt Stapleton

The book of James is referred to as “the Proverbs of the New Testament” and serves as a source of wisdom for us in how to live the Christian life. Often it is through the trials that come into our lives that we learn that it takes growth in faith to walk with the Lord, persevering until we lay hold of his promised crown of life.

Teach Me Lord!

Text: Psalm 119:1-12
Pastor Curt Stapleton

In Christian circles, the law of God often gets a bad rap. And yet, as we see in today’s text and throughout Psalm 119, the law gives us instruction (torah) and precepts for daily living. In it, we see justification, sanctification and glorification all reflected. May we be consumed by wanting to please God by knowing his law and keeping his commandments.

How Christ Leads His Church

Text: Matthew 18:18
Pastor Curt Stapleton

God gave authority to apostles in the church, and subsequently to church officers, to speak for God. Elders are called to present the whole truth of the Scriptures, including both God’s love and his severity, his judgment and his salvation, in order to make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission.

A Soul that Thirsts for God

Text: Psalm 63
Ruling Elder John Tittle

As we have finished a sermon series on “Who is Jesus?” and now stand on the cusp of a new year, it’s good to pause and reflect on what is our greatest passion. Today’s text leads us to behold the God who may be known in order to lead us to worship him; to look back in remembrance of his steadfast love and covenant faithfulness to us; and to look forward to his sovereign justice. O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!


Text: Matthew 2:1-23
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Our sermon series on “Who is Jesus?” reaches its climax today with his birth and the arrival of the Magi to worship him. Through Herod’s slaughter of young boys, Jesus’ family’s flight to Egypt and their return to Galilee, we see the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies again and again. And even in the joyful story of Jesus’ nativity, we get a foreshadowing of the cross to come, which is the story of the gospel.

The Preeminent Christ

Text: Colossians 1:15-23
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As we reflect on the preeminence of Christ, in a real sense it is fair to say that the entire world is Christ-centered, it just may not realize it yet. We see that all things were created through Christ and for him, and that God is at work reconciling all things to himself.

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