Believers are Justified by God

Text: Romans 4:1-12
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Our text provides a clear explanation of what happens when you become a Christian. We must first understand the ideas of our ungodliness and just condemnation. Against that backdrop, the simple truth of the gospel is that believers throughout all of redemptive history are justified by faith in Christ apart from ceremonies or keeping the Law. In God’s great mercy, Christ’s perfect righteousness is applied to us.

A Song of Creation

Text: Psalm 104
Dr. Peter Green

Today’s text is a poetic reflection on Genesis 1, reminding us that our creator God is not a remote, detached deist watchmaker who is sitting back and watching his creation unfold. Rather, he is intimately and actively involved in his creation, abundantly providing for it and ultimately protecting and purifying it. Our appropriate response is doxology!

Who is Righteous?

Text: Romans 3:1-31
Pastor Curt Stapleton

The risen Christ is our propitiation, which points us to the mercy seat of God. We cannot add to or subtract from His righteousness. Everyone must answer to God. As we sang today, the only appropriate response is “All I have is Christ!”

Who Are God’s People?

Text: Romans 2:1-29
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Whether discussing the coronavirus, racism or one’s justification before God, the answer to the question, “Who’s right?” depends upon who you’re listening to. There’s really only one opinion that matters, and that’s God’s opinion. So in the matter of justification, it’s not about comparison with others but rather one of circumcision of the heart.

The Holy Spirit – Third Person of the Trinity

Text: Acts 2:1-8, 36-41
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Many times we may treat the Holy Spirit as the forgotten person of the trinity, as a silent partner. On this Pentecost Sunday, we see clearly the importance of the Spirit’s work to spread the gospel and apply its truths to our hearts. May we pray to be filled with the Spirit, for God’s glory.

Rejoice Always

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:16
Rev. John Tittle

[Due to technical difficulties, we join the sermon partway through today]

We find ourselves in an “unprecedented time” with COVID-19, a time that is marked by anxiety and fears of various sorts.  Even in difficult times like this, God’s will for us is clear in 1 Thessalonians 5:16.  We are to rejoice always.  We admit that this is not always easy, but an examination of 1 Thessalonians gives us four lessons to help us learn how to continually rejoice by focusing on the gospel and the work of the gospel in God’s people.

Depravity, Deception and the Gospel

Text: Romans 1:16-32
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Even though it’s not a popular topic to consider, God’s wrath is coming upon sin. The economy of justice is that God must punish sin because He is holy. Yet even in his perfect law, we see evidence of his grace. The good news of the gospel is that we may escape the judgment our sin deserves by believing in Christ who has secured our redemption.

The Lord Jesus and His Mother

Text: John 19:23-30
Pastor Curt Stapleton

On Mother’s Day we invite you to take a look at Jesus.  We know from the Scriptures that Christ fulfilled the Law of God perfectly, and never sinned.  So how did Jesus honor his mother Mary? Today I hope you will see the love Jesus had for his own mother, despite his dire circumstances.  May God empower us to love like our Savior!

The Apostle of the Heart Set Free

Text: Romans 1:1-17
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Today we start a new series through the book of Romans.  The Apostle Paul’s passion for the Gospel comes to life in the book of Acts, where we see that he took several dangerous missionary journeys throughout the Mediterranean world. Paul wrote numerous letters to these churches, and today those letters are half of the New Testament!  And his letter to the Romans is so unique in its approach to teach the Church the richness and fullness of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Christian life as we can know it today. We hope you will join us and grow with us through this season.

What’s Wrong With Our Government?

Text: 1 Samuel 8:1-9:2, 15-16
Pastor Curt Stapleton

In today’s world of constant instant news, many wonder, “What’s wrong with our government?”  You and I both have heard so many answers to this question and our perspective seems to change at times. What does the Bible say about governments?  Does it have real answers? A whole lot actually…. There are many passages that teach us how to live in submission and respect, and pray for those over us.  But today as we look at 1 Samuel 8, I hope you will see how we got here. Our goal is for everyone to see the problem and the solution only God can give.  And He has, in giving Himself.