The Christian’s Response to God’s Love

Text: Romans 12:1-8
Pastor Curt Stapleton

After the wonderful exposition of the doctrines of grace in the first 11 chapters of Romans, we now pivot to the application of these truths. Motivated by the mercy of God, we understand that we were delivered for a purpose, to devote ourselves to serving the Lord not out of duty but out of delight.

Praising God from the Ends of the Earth

Text: Psalm 100
Dr. Peter Green

At this season of Thanksgiving, we are instructed from Psalm 100 that praising God is not merely a duty but rather a privilege to be had, flowing out of a heart of gratitude, in response to our sovereign God’s goodness in establishing an intimate relationship with us through the work of Jesus, our savior.

The Mercy of God

Text: Romans 11:11-36
Pastor Curt Stapleton

The events of 2020 have reminded us clearly that we are not in control, and yet our sovereign God is. Behind the unsearchable and inscrutable mind of God, we can be confident that He is using all things — even human sinfulness — to accomplish His purposes. For those whom He calls, the mystery of His mercy removes any ground for pride or arrogance.

Sola Gratia

Text: Romans 11:1-10
Pastor Curt Stapleton

We are committed to the whole counsel of God, without cherry-picking doctrines according to our preferences. That includes challenging passages like today’s text that clearly instructs that our sovereign God is the sole agent in the election of his children. This truth demolishes our pride and creates a tremendous sense of humility. May the Spirit lead us as we wrestle with the concept that “Grace is not grace unless it’s grace”.

Obeying the Good News of Christ

Text: Romans 10:13-21
Pastor Curt Stapleton

How is the Gospel presented in the Bible?  What’s the difference between preaching and teaching?  Matthew 7:29 says Jesus taught with authority, and this gives us insight into our personal salvation and our ministry to others.  Today we also remember the Church’s Reformation that began with Martin Luther in 1517, and why we praise God for it!

Seeking the Kingdom of God First!

Text: Romans 10:1-13
Pastor Curt Stapleton

The gospel is very simple and clear: either I save myself or God saves me, and the Bible clearly teaches the latter. Even in the time of Moses, it was clear that the people of Israel were saved not by the Law but by looking forward to Christ who is the end of the Law. As the great contemporary hymn declares, in Christ alone, our hope is found.

God’s Emotional Life

Text: Revelation 7:9-17
Rev. Barrett Jordan

In the second worship service, Pastor Jordan leads us on a journey through the whole Bible to show us God’s heart, His emotions!  Who are the “nations” that God speaks of?  How do we reach them and carry out our purpose?

The Christian’s Emotional Life

Text: Matthew 6:25-33
Rev. Barrett Jordan

Today we begin looking at our emotions as followers of Christ. Shouldn’t our lives be different when handling daily stress and anxiety?  Is Jesus just offering us the cure for anxiety in Matt 6:25?  Or is there more for us to understand that will transform our lives?

God’s Absolute Sovereignty in Our Salvation

Text: Romans 9:14-33
Pastor Curt Stapleton

As we wrap up Romans 9, we hear some of the clearest, boldest teaching on God’s sovereignty in our salvation. Throughout the Bible, we can find this same teaching by Jesus, Peter and others. At first we can find this teaching to be very unsettling, but upon further study and meditation, we will find this Biblical truth to be very fruitful. We are rescued by His mercy through Christ alone.

The Grace and Mercy of God

Text: Romans 9:1-16
Pastor Curt Stapleton

Today’s text is heavy and deep and perhaps even shocking. The Westminster Confession of Faith reminds us that the teaching of this portion of Scripture should be handled with care. As we understand that God is God and we are not, we more deeply understand His grace and mercy. It wipes out our pride even as it brings us great security.