• Regardless of Age and DNA, Let’s Get Thankfulness-Muscled
    by Scotty Smith on May 18, 2022 at 5:33 am

      Praise the Lord, my soul, and don’t forget a single one of his benefits to you. Ps. 103:2   Heavenly Father, age doesn’t just atrophy muscle mass, but “gratitude-mass” as well. But I’d far rather finish this life muscular with thankfulness than sporting “6-pack abs,” so here goes. (Friends, here’s my list. “Amen!” what’s yours, and tell our Father other things for which you’re grateful/hopeful) Thank you for an over-the-top glorious salvation in Jesus. By your sovereign goodness, you revealed the depth of my need, then lavished the riches of your grace on me. I’m hidden in Christ, standing in...